[Entry Requirements *Updated*]We have updated the Entry Requirements so more nail professionals can participate! The Entry and Concept & Photos can now be submitted separately.
◆Entries Close : Sept 20, 23:59 JST * The concept & entry photos must be sent by the deadline below.

◆Deadline for Concept & Entry photos : Sept 27, 23:59 JST Both the Concept and Entry photos must be submitted.
Waist up photo and full-length photo submission (of the model) - Optional.
* Those submitting their Entries and Concept & Photos separately should do so using the Entry form.
* Entries without a concept sheet and photos will be disqualified if not received by Sept 27, 23:59 JST.


Entries Open
Sept 1, 10:00 JST → Sept 20, 23:59 JST
  • ・No Entry fees
  • ・An email will be sent after the Entry is received.
  • ・Please ensure that your name and Salon name are correct.
  • ・Participants agree to allow Nail Select Inc. to store and use the submitted Entry Photos and Videos for Promotional use upon submitting them.

Entry Requirements

To bring out a nail artist's briliant creativity. From the Concept to the Vision and then to the Masterpiece!

Items for submission
①Nail Design Entry photo
②Waist up photo (of the model - nails must be viewable)
③Full length photo (of the model)
④Concept sheet (Title: 50 words max Concept: Between 50-100 words)
Contest Rules
Only Para Gel and Para Polish may be used, however stone parts, nail decals and paints from other brands may be used.
The gel and designs must be applied on the model's natural nails. Nail tips may not be used.
All 10 fingers do not need to be showing in the submitted photo.
There is no specified layout for the photo, background or the model's clothes. Photo effects are allowed on all parts of the photo, except the model's nails.
The judges will base their decision on whether the final design and the concept are in line, along with the finished look.
Each judge will make their selections and those finalists will move on to the Final round.
The finalists will be contacted at the beginning of Oct and requested to send a Video of the making of their Gel Nail design.
They will also receive 20 Color Gels.

Rules for the Final Round

A teaching video on Gel nails and Nail art will need to be submitted.
The submitted videos will be profesionally edited to ensure quality consistency and uploaded onto the Para Gel Web Academy.

Items for submission
A video of the process of creating the Nail design in the 1st Round of Selections will need to be submitted. This has to be done on the model's hands. (Subtitles and background music may also be added during the Editing process and each video will be edited to around 10 min in length)
A simple instruction manual on how to shoot videos with an iphone will be sent out.
Do not edit the video data.
Only Para Gel and Para Polish may be used, however stone parts, nail decals and paints from other brands may be used.
The Nail design must be the same as the one submitted in the 1st Round (no changes to the stone parts or nail decals permitted) and it must be done on the model's natural nails.
Detailed information on the video rules will be sent to the Finalists.
The judges will base their decision on how well the concept and design allows viewers to learn.
The judges will score the videos and the ones with the highest scores will be the winners.
1st Prize ¥300,000, 2nd Prize ¥200,000, 3rd Prize ¥100,000